Thursday, 16 October 2014


It's UP!  Up up uppity up!  (happydance)

It was actually properly up this time last week, but Mr Gary-the-gardener took ill and so the glazing didn't go into the french doors until Friday (when the window fitters took pity on me, and popped it in, bless them), and today Gary is back on the job and sealing around the doors and window.

So as of now we are watertight!  The guttering is ordered, Mr Andy-the-electrician will come by soon to look at getting power out there (and to check out the fault in our upstairs wiring in the house), and there's a bit of paving outside to finish off . . . and then we'll be on to insulation and OSB board, and chipboard flooring, and I'll have a workable space!

The new windows in the house are all finished too, and it's like having a whole new house.  It's warmer and quieter, there are obscured glass panels where we need them instead of where we don't, and the difference in the amount of LIGHT is astounding.  I can stand in the back garden and see clear through the house, between the guest bedroom and the landing window!  It's bizarre how much it changes a place, having the right windows and doors . . . and doors that close securely with a click, and open happily without a shove!  Oh it's so lovely!

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