Monday, 1 June 2015

A fete worse than death

Things are still hectic chez Mippitt (looking back at my blog, when are they not?) - we have bedroom refurbishments on the go, and are still trying to progressively clear out and downsize our lives, but I'm making a concerted effort to have studio time most days.

One of my friends (we have a village crafty morning at mine once a month-ish whilst Little B sleeps) is on the village fete committee, and she asked if I'd like to have a table to sell some crafty stuff . . . and I've given her a tentative "yes" . . . which means that for now, studio time is MAKING time!  I've got some of those vinyl cake stands already, and the means to make a wodge of heat-deformed vinyl bowls, so I need more small items to fill up some space on the table (and empty some space in the studio) and make me a little pocket-money!

So starting with earrings - I've bought various bits of jewellery gubbins over the years, but I've never  sat down and actually made an effort to produce before.  So, a couple of coloured beads, a couple of fancy-shaped ones, some really flippin fiddly wire stuff, some ear wires, and a crimping bead.  I'm really pleased with these!

I'm planning on making a roughly business-card sized lino print, so I can present the earrings on a card with my blog details on.  Perhaps an outline lino print with the blog details, and a space for a separate title to be printed in for different products.  Ideas ideas ideas!

I'm also waiting for a Dremel type multi tool to arrive, which I'm hoping will be able to make nice cuts into vinyl, so I can make more nice things to sell from those records.  Maybe some bracelets and pendants to continue with the jewellery theme . . . I'm not sure . . . and I want to have a play with cutting and shaping glass and pebbles too.  Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

Plus we have a new (with 'lectrics) bathroom cabinet going up today or tomorrow, in the soon-to-be-master bedroom one set of 1970s fitted wardrobes have been ripped out, holes need filling, coving needs replacing, walls need painting, floors need covering.  Yeah, I've got plenty of time to put together a table for the fete, no problemo!

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